Optimize your energy consumption

You want to be equipped and reduce your bill?

For many years, several countries equip OPTIVOLT electrical boxes enabling them to optimize their power consumption and reduce their electricity cost.

Garantie 5 ans!

Today this technology is now available in France to allow companies and individuals to reduce the cost of their energy consumption. Without any change in the lives of our customers, this technology allows businesses and individuals to benefit from the introduction of the device of all product-related services, including reducing your electricity bill! Read more...


6 good reasons

  • 1Improve the quality of electrical power
  • 2Increase the efficiency of all electrical equipment
  • 3Extend the life of your electrical equipment
  • 4Réduire la fréquence des pannes de vos appareils électriques
  • 5Reduce the frequency of breakdowns of your electrical appliances
  • 6A direct impact on your electricity bill!


If you are a professional, an individual or a retailer, you are interested in saving. Here is the information you need.



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